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Shine Right Detailing is a Certified Installer of IGL Auto and Marine Ceramic Coatings.

Ceramic Coatings, what are they and why do you need it? Simply put, they’re a protective, hydrophobic shield for your paint. Ceramic Coatings protect the integrity and saturation of your paint while also providing a hydrophobic surface, which means cleaning your car just became that much easier.

Step One, The Wash: We begin the process by carefully hand washing and hand drying the exterior with microfiber towels.


Step Two, The Decontamination: We meticulously remove surface contaminants with a clay bar. This smooths the surface of your paint by collecting microscopic particles, such as road debris, mulch spores, leftover road salts, and iron deposits.


Step Three, The Smoothing: We inspect the surface of your vehicle for surface scratches and swirl marks, left on your paint by people brushing the side of your car, leaving your coffee mug on top of your car, or that annoying bush at the end of your driveway. As a Certified Flex Expert, we remove those surface scratches and swirls to give your paint a seamless reflection.


Step Four, The Application:  We hand-apply your choice of a 1- year, 3-year, or 6-year IGL Ceramic Coating to your paint’s surface, locking in the vibrant color and sealing your paint from minor surface damage. Instead of paying thousands of dollars at an auto-body shop to repair and touch-up your paint, you now have a ceramic coating that took the damage and can be removed and reapplied for less than half of the repair cost. Additionally, the Ceramic Coating’s hydrophobic properties assist in preventing pesky surface contaminants from sticking to your paint and makes car washing a breeze.

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Builds Exterior Resilience

Protects exterior surface degradation by acting as a second barrier against environmental damage, such as the Sun’s harsh UV and acid rain. Ceramic coatings increase the surface’s resistance against scratches, marring and dullness.


Hydrophobic means water-repellent…which really means the easiest washing you’ve ever experienced. Ceramic coatings fill in the microscopic pores in paint, allowing for a completely smooth surface. This prevents road contaminants, bird droppings, and even insects from sticking to your paint (goodbye crusty front bumper!). And…even if somehow they do…Ceramic Coatings make it incredibly easy for you to rinse off your car up to twelve months after application.

Environment Friendly

IGL Coatings are a harmless mixture of non-carcinogenic low volatile solvent synthesized using nanotechnology.

Glass Coating, Glassparency

(Add-On Service Only)

Shine Right Detailing is an Authorized Installer of GlassParency Glass and Windshield Coatings.

GlassParency patented hydrophobic glass treatment is a one-time application that includes a 3-Year Warranty. Unlike wax-based or topical coatings, GlassParency is engineered to react to the silica within the glass, creating a chemical bond unmatched by the competition.

The two-step professionally installed application creates a barrier to repel water, snow, ice, dust, oil, and dirt creating a resistant and easy to clean surface. Some of the major benefits include enhanced optical clarity, better driver vision, safety for the driver and all passengers, a reduction in day and night glare, and a more aesthetically pleasing appearance to your vehicle glass.

Why GlassParency and why do you need it?
  • EASY INSTALL: Quick and easy installation by an Authorized Installer providing up to 6 months of durability
  • SAFETY: Significantly improves day and nightime visbility
  • RAINY DRIVING: Hydrophobic properties repel rain and snow, increasing visibility during bad weather (and cuts down defrosting time)
  • EASY MAINTENANCE: GlassParency Maintenance Kits provided to the client
  • QUICK CLEANING: Wipe and rinse bugs and debris from windows more easily.
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