Shine Right Detailing is a member of the International Detailer Association (IDA) and is comprised of Certified Detailers (CD). The CD program requires detailers to demonstrate a complete and comprehensive knowledge of the detailing profession. With the designation of the CD credentials, you can be certain that your detailer has passed the necessary tests and proven they have the knowledge required to handle your vehicle competently.

The IDA Skills Validated (SV) credential is the next step for a Certified Detailer. SV is the second phase in IDA’s certification program and requires detailers to perform a hands-on assessment to establish their abilities with various detailing processes, using the correct equipment and chemicals, and proving their technical skills.

IDA Certification also requires continuing education in order to maintain the credentials, ensuring that the detailer’s skills and knowledge are up to date with changes and progress made in the detailing industry.